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Laminated Tubes

Best Laminated Tubes manufacturer in Delhi
Manufacturer of Lamitubes in india/ncr/delhi/noida

Laminated tubes offer products a competitive edge in the market and are used across the globe for packaging in personal care, food, pharma and industrial applications.They are manufactured from multi-layer laminate foil with the use of aluminium or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers of the tube.

With excellent barrier properties, laminated tubes give a cost effective solution to help increase a product’s shelf life. Laminate tubes represent and easy, hygienic and safe method of packing, that provides efficient barier agains leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.

At Tubecon India LLP, we use cutting-edge technologies to ensure stronger fusion between the shoulder and body. Our world class LTP printing technology ensures superior resistance to print bleed, allowing up to 8 colours plus a varnish overcoat with a choice of full or spot varnish.


Our standard laminates are composite materials made from LLDPE that form the core barrier of the tube body. They help keep contents fresh and safe with multiple layers of foil. Laminates also help a product catch the customer’s eye from the shelf, with their various available finishes and design possibilities.

Aluminum Barrier Laminates (ABL)

The barrier against leakage of volatile substances from tube contents and against oxidation of tube contents is formed from aluminium foil, which is also the carrier of laminated layers of plastic material. This barrier feature gives an advantage to the laminate tubes over plastic tubes that do not possess such a feature.

Plastic Barrier Laminates (PBL)

PBL structures are a good option for packaging that needs to maintain its form and shape. It presents a more cosmetic look and is environmentally friendly. Special barriers can be provided such as EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) to offer strong chemical resistance. Standard material is offered in white or natural (clear) but specialty custom colours can also be developed.

Lami Tubes Printing

LB*-Lip Balm, O* - Oval

  • In-house cap manufacturing facility
  • Speacial 3 mm orifice available in 28, 30, 35 & 40 dia.
  • Tamper evident seal on all orifices available in all dias.
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